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When it comes to stem cells, the medical possibilities are seemingly endless. Doctors use the power of these cells to spur new tissue growth through cell regeneration. At Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Gene Meisenberg has found great success using stem cells to address erectile dysfunction and other urological issues. If you’re in or around Brooklyn, New York, call or book an appointment online to explore how stem cells can help you.

Stem Cells Q & A

What are stem cells?

The reason the medical world is continuously researching new ways to tap the power of stem cells is due to their incredible versatility.

Almost every cell in your body has a singular purpose, and they never stray far from their task (except for your stem cells). Because of this distinction, stem cells are undifferentiated cells.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t play a role in how your body functions. In fact, your stem cells can turn into specialized cells wherever they’re needed and duplicate themselves as those specialized cells indefinitely.

Stem cells play a crucial role in embryonic and fetal development, which is where they are the most powerful. Once your body has formed, you still have stem cells that lie dormant in your tissue until they’re called upon to provide critical healing and regenerative support.

Where do the stem cells come from?

One of the most significant advantages of stem cell therapy is that Dr. Meisenberg harvests your own, making them autologous stem cells. To harvest them, Dr. Meisenberg uses local anesthesia and retrieves them from your bone marrow (a procedure that takes only 5-10 minutes).

How can stem cells help?

Stem cell therapy is not approved by the FDA yet, but there’s no shortage of promising results coming out of patient-funded research and experimental studies. At his practice, Dr. Meisenberg turns to stem cell therapy to help with the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Interstitial cystitis
  • Prostatitis

One of the reasons Dr. Meisenberg uses stem cell therapy to address ED is because your penis is mostly a vascular organ. That means it relies on adequate blood circulation and tissue health to function optimally.

Since stem cells can differentiate into specialized cells, such as those in the tissue of your penis, they can improve your vascular and tissue health.

Dr. Meisenberg injects the stem cells directly into your penis to create healthy, new cell growth, which aids in blood flow and sensitivity. The stem cells increase your sensitivity by spurring new nerve growth in the outer tissue surrounding your penis.

For interstitial cystitis and prostatitis, Dr. Meisenberg injects your stem cells into trigger points that are directly related to the problem.

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities in stem cell therapy, call Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, or use the convenient online booking tool to schedule an appointment.