Why SculpSure Is a Great Choice for Slimming Down in the New Year

There's a reason noninvasive fat reduction procedures like SculpSure have gone from a top 20 to a top five aesthetic procedure in just the past couple of years. It's not easy to achieve that sculpted look that makes you feel really proud. Whether you're trying to lose weight or just want more contour in a certain area, diet and exercise alone don't always do the job. Dieting may have slowed your metabolism, or you may be losing weight in places where you'd prefer to keep it. SculpSure® is the FDA-cleared, noninvasive way to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and slim down into the sculpted shape you're looking for with no downtime. Let's take a look at this revolutionary technology.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure uses laser technology to target fat cells across a large area like the lower abdomen, and it doesn't harm the skin it must travel through to reach the cells. This heat melts the protective lining of the fat cells, damaging the cell so that your lymphatic system picks them up to remove the dying cells from the body. Once your body removes a fat cell, it doesn't grow back. Although, if you gain weight, fat cells from surrounding areas can move in to take their place and remaining cells can grow larger. Continue to eat a healthy diet and exercise for long-lasting, contoured results that people rarely achieve with diet and exercise alone. 

What parts of the body can SculpSure help?

SculpSure technology works well on and has been cleared by the FDA as safe for the following parts of the body:

How does research support SculpSure?

SculpSure is backed by extensive scientific research. One of the many studies on this device showed that within three months of treatment, participants experienced a 24% reduction in fat cells in the treated area as measured by MRI. The study also confirmed that scientists could look at pictures of people who had had SculpSure, as well as those who had not had the procedure. They could say with good accuracy which of those photoed had received the procedure because these individuals had a more contoured shape. This was the case at both the one-month mark and at six months after their bodies revealed the full results of the treatment.

A similar study of 49 participants found that 96% were satisfied or very satisfied with their results, and once again, the researchers could identify who had had the procedure in photographs with 90% accuracy. Participants reported mild to moderate tenderness for one to three weeks with no adverse effects. For context, a 96% satisfaction rate for an aesthetic procedure in which expectations are always so high is astounding.

What results can you expect?

During the procedure, Dr. Meisenberg applies a cooling gel to keep your skin safe during the procedure, after which he attaches the SculpSure applicator. You can expect a hot, tingling sensation that most patients tolerate very well. The whole procedure takes fewer than 30 minutes, and you can resume normal activities immediately. Patients do experience tenderness and sometimes swelling for a few days after the procedure. It takes at least six weeks for the fat cells to start noticeably clearing out of the body and three months before you get your full results. So if you're getting SculpSure before a big event, schedule it at least six weeks to three months in advance.

It's important to note that SculpSure isn't a weight-loss procedure. It works well on people who want a sculpted look and are overweight but not obese. As long as you continue to eat a healthy diet and exercise, you'll be very happy with the results for a long time, but if you continue unhealthy eating habits, this procedure won't provide you with lasting results. 

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