Tackle Fat Now With Laser Lipo So You're Ready to Take on Summer

Sometimes no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise, stubborn fat can stick around, challenging your best efforts to obtain your desired physique. Fat tends to linger in problem areas such as your waist, abdomen, and thighs. Fortunately, there’s hope if you’re frustrated with a lack of results from your diet and exercise routine.

Laser liposuction, or laser lipo, with ProLipo Plus™ is the latest minimally invasive method for refining your body’s shape and contour. Surgeon and anti-aging specialist Dr. Gene Meisenberg is proud to be at the forefront of body contouring, offering men and women this innovative technology at Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in Brooklyn, New York.

Rid your body of stubborn fat

Conventional liposuction involves removing fat from target areas through incisions using suction. Laser lipo takes it one step further. The ProLipo Plus utilizes high-powered laser technology inserted through small incisions to heat and destroy fat in the target areas, enabling Dr. Meisenberg to smooth and trim your body with the finest precision.

Stubborn fat is no match for ProLipo Plus™.  This breakthrough treatment requires minimal downtime and results look completely natural. Men and women can have a beach-ready figure in time for the summer.

How does laser lipo work?

ProLipo Plus delivers laser heat energy through a slender fiber to targeted areas of stubborn fat. At the same time Dr. Meisenberg suctions the destroyed fat cells, resulting in an immediate tighter, firmer appearance.

Say goodbye to problem areas

Eating right and exercising make up the cornerstone of health and weight management. However, achieving your desired body contour isn’t as simple as counting calories and doing crunches at the gym. Physical activity doesn’t spot-treat specific areas of fat.

Pockets of stubborn fat can linger regardless of how hard you work to get rid of them. Dealing with persistent fat in problem areas like your abdomen and love handles, despite your efforts to get rid of it, can cause frustration and distress.

Laser lipo enables Dr. Meisenberg to target specific problem areas, and even the most stubborn of areas don’t stand a chance against ProLipo Plus. This minimally invasive system uses only local anesthesia and effectively treats the following problem areas:

This powerful laser treatment removes fat and smooths out your physique without causing damage to surrounding tissue. Men and women who choose laser lipo treatments enjoy immediate results, easier and faster recovery than traditional liposuction, and — best of all — permanent fat reduction. 

Quick results

ProLipo Plus permanently eliminates unwanted fat and tightens the skin for immediately visible results. This fast procedure allows patients to recover quickly and return to their regular daily activities. The best part? Only one session per treatment area is usually required, and results continue to improve over the course of several months as your body adjusts to the fat reduction and your skin tightens over the area.

Find out why people everywhere are choosing laser lipo to achieve their ideal body this summer. To learn more about how ProLipo Plus treatments can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call our office today at 718-942-4360 to request an initial consultation, or use our appointment request tool to get started.

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