Spots, Scars, and Stretch Marks: Lasers Can Treat Them All

As you age, your skin becomes subject to more and more imperfections. Wrinkles and fine lines develop, dark spots appear, and scars and stretch marks become more prominent. 

While none of these conditions present medical risks, you may wish to erase them for cosmetic reasons — because who doesn’t want bright, even skin?

In this article, Dr. Meisenberg discusses how laser therapy works for spots, scars, and stretch marks. 

How do spots, scars, and stretch marks appear? 

These skin imperfections are, quite honestly, caused by the fun and fulfillment of life itself. Dark spots come with age and countless days spent under the sun with friends and family. Scars come from skinned knees and other battle stories. Stretch marks come from growth, whether said growth was from puberty, muscle gain, pregnancy, or something else. 

Our skin imperfections tell our stories, so they’re nothing to be ashamed of. However, many people still wish to erase them in favor of smooth, bright, even-toned skin. To do so, it’s first helpful to understand how these markings arise. 

Dark spots: Also called age spots, sun spots, or liver spots, dark spots occur when overactive pigment cells clump up near one another. The result is the appearance of large freckles or moles, though these spots are usually flat and smooth. They’re extremely common in people over age 50 and often appear on the hands, wrists, collarbone area, shoulders, and face. 

Dark spots are exacerbated by sun exposure, whether you wear sunscreen or not. Ultraviolet light accelerates melanin production, which contributes to the clustered pigment. 

Scars: These familiar skin markings occur when the dermis (the second-deep, thick layer of your skin) gets damaged. Your body repairs this damage by growing new tissue at the injury site, which is usually thicker than your skin tissue. If your body makes a lot of extra tissue, the scar might raise and wrinkle. If the injury was caused by inflammation, such as from acne, the scar might look sunken. 

Stretch marks: Stretch marks are a type of scar — one that women (and many men) are all too familiar with. These spidery scars are caused by rapid periods of growth, during which your skin can’t quite keep up with the rest of your body. Many people develop stretch marks during puberty, pregnancy, or other periods of weight gain. 

What kinds of lasers treat spots, scars, and stretch marks?

Dr. Meisenberg offers a whole suite of different laser treatments, so no matter your skin condition, Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery can help. Here are some of the lasers that are used for spots, scars, and stretch marks. 

Ablative lasers: This intense kind of laser destroys the outer layer of your skin to reveal new, bright skin underneath. Also called laser skin resurfacing, this procedure works well for all sorts of skin conditions, including scarring, sun-damaged skin, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. 

Ablative lasers work by signaling your body to produce new collagen and elastin, two important compounds for firm, even skin. This treatment is more intense than others, and you might feel like you got a severe sunburn after your appointment — that’s just your body reacting to the micro-injuries created by the light energy. Your body sheds the blemished outer layer to reveal the smooth, younger-looking layer. 

Broadband light lasers: Dr. Meisenberg uses this innovative treatment for rosacea, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, wrinkles, and facial veins. Broadband light gently heats the outer layers of your skin, breaking apart clumps of pigment and encouraging your skin to stimulate new collagen production. After treatment, your body absorbs the pigment and removes it as waste via your lymphatic system. 

Intense pulsed light lasers: A go-to treatment for facial skin blemishes, intense pulsed light delivers gentle pulses of high-intensity light to your skin. Similar to broadband light, intense pulsed light breaks up extra pigment in your skin and encourages new tissue production. 

If you’re ready to erase years of skin imperfections, call Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery (choose the location nearest you) or request an appointment online

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