How Regenerative Urology Can Improve Your Health

Advances in medicine mean patients with once-difficult-to-treat conditions have more options. Regenerative medicine is an exciting and advanced branch of therapy that involves replacing cells to restore normal function. Replacing damaged cells stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself. This is a breakthrough that benefits a wide range of fields, including urology.

Here at Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery, we offer cutting-edge treatment for urological conditions such as:

Board-certified urologist, surgeon, and anti-aging specialist Dr. Gene Meisenberg uses stem cell therapy to treat and manage urologic disorders, offering patients expanded options for relieving symptoms and improving quality of life. If you’ve been diagnosed with a urological disorder, Dr. Meisenberg can determine if stem cell therapy is an appropriate treatment option for you.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are fascinating. They have the ability to self-renew, repair, and, in certain cases, regenerate damaged tissue. Adult stem cells are special cells the body produces to replace damaged cells. The body is continuously removing and replacing damaged or dying tissue. 

These special cells can develop into many different types of cells — whatever is needed. The stem cells we use at Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery come from adult tissues like bone marrow.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Once collected from your bone marrow, stem cells can be injected into specific areas to regenerate cells and promote healing. The cells have the potential to form new blood vessels and other tissues to treat conditions like interstitial cystitis and other urological disorders.

In a few hours, Dr. Meisenberg collects your own stem cells and reintroduces them where needed to reduce pain, tame inflammation, and enhance your body’s natural healing ability. Our painless procedure requires only local anesthesia.

How do stem cells benefit urological disorders?

Stem cell therapy creates living, functional tissue to relieve symptoms of urological disorders. Introducing stem cells in your urinary tract and reproductive systems helps repair damaged tissue to alleviate urological symptoms such as:

Additionally, stem cell therapy can help regenerate and repair blood vessels. It’s a cutting-edge therapy shown to treat erectile dysfunction. Stem cell therapy can repair vascular damage and restore sexual function.

If you’re living with a urological condition, Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery is here for you. Our practice is home to a highly skilled team of medical professionals who cover a range of urological specialties using the latest research and technology to help improve lives.

To learn more, make an appointment by calling 718-942-4260 to speak with one of our team members or by using our online request form.

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