Banish Spider Veins With IPL Therapy

Vein disease is very common and, fortunately, very treatable. Minimally invasive approaches are available today that treat varicose and spider veins. While spider veins generally don’t pose a serious health threat, you don’t have to live with the way they look. 

You can count on the highly skilled team of professionals at Columbus Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery to keep you healthy and help you reach your aesthetic goals with a wide variety of the latest advancements in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Treatments such as intense pulsed light (IPL) make it easier than ever to banish unsightly spider veins.

How veins work

Your blood flows through a system of arteries and veins. Arteries send out blood from your heart, while veins move blood back to heart. Valves in your veins must close fully to keep blood going in the right direction. In people with varicose and spider veins, these valves don’t work as well as they should, causing blood to pool.

Because of having to work against gravity to get back to your heart, blood tends to pool in the legs when vein valves are dysfunctional. This increases the pressure against the vein walls. Over time, the increased pressure weakens and compromises the structure of the veins, causing them to bulge and twist.

When this happens to the tiny veins close to the surface of your skin, their appearance is noticeable. Spider veins are often blue, purple, or red and resemble spider webs.

What causes spider veins?

Spider veins develop for various reasons. For one, there’s a strong genetic component involved. Many people who develop spider veins have a close family member who also has them.

Spider veins are also more likely to develop as you get older or during pregnancy. Obesity and sun damage are other potential risk factors.

Spider veins and health

Spider veins rarely pose a serious health threat. However, spider veins and the more serious varicose veins are a sign of venous dysfunction. Left untreated, vein disease can cause health complications, such as pain, blood clots, bleeding, and ulcers that may form near the skin.

In addition to potential health complications, many people with spider veins report feeling self-conscious about showing their legs. In the summer, you may avoid wearing shorts or clothing that exposes your legs. Today’s treatments can banish spider veins and help restore your confidence.

Benefits of IPL for spider veins

Intense pulsed light therapy harnesses the power of light to address a variety of skin concerns. IPL delivers controlled heat directly to spider veins, causing them to disappear.

Noninvasive IPL safely treats spider veins without harming your skin. The light penetrates your skin, leaving the skin’s surface free of damage. Your treated spider veins collapse, and your body reabsorbs them while routing blood to other veins. IPL treatments restore an even appearance to your legs.

You’re in good hands with aesthetic and anti-aging medicine specialist and surgeon Dr. Gene Meisenberg and our team of medical professionals. Make a splash this summer with legs you can feel confident showing off. Get started today by calling our Brooklyn, New York, office at 718-942-4360 to schedule a consultation, or use our handy appointment request tool.

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